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The sweetest flowers ever

Posted on March 9, 2009 at 10:06 AM
Well, I can see by my last post that it has been awhile. Sprintime is hectic for us, but I wanted to update you on what is new here. I am STILL trying to get the website up and running. So, I thought I'd work on updating the blog 1st and go from there. This morning the Northwest winds were roaring across the pastures as we awoke ending the warmth we had felt over the past few days. It had been warm enough to coax the birds and the spring peepers into song. It also sent the farm animals into their springtime frollicking. The chickens were happy to play hide and seek with their eggs as they were busy taunting me. Instead of laying them in their chicken house they decided a small nest made of dirt and hay they had collected from the barn floor would be better. The heat from the much needed sun was warm and welcoming as we watched more robins gather on the front lawn. We decided to venture out in search of some early spring flowers. Like treasure hunters searching for gold we set out, and were quickly rewarded when we spied a small cluster of golden yellow crocuses. Our son, who seemed to be the most captivated by their simple beauty,bent down to get a closer look.The almost overlooked jewels were nestled among the dead grasses and twigs from last year's growth. We watched as he buried his tiny nose into their soft petals. "Wow, he exclaimed, these are the sweetest flowers I ever smelled!" That they are, and soon the land will be filled with colorful spring flowers and the sweet scents of spring.

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