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Winds of Change

Posted on March 11, 2009 at 10:13 AM
We awoke again this morning to the howling winds barreling across the pastures. A brisk wind that cleanses the atmosphere while it tosses around everything in its path. The early morning songs of the peepers and birds were almost all but drowned out by the roaring wind, but if you listened carefully you could hear them. The winds of change have also swept through our lives as the government officials continually take out their magic pens and sign into legislation bills they have no money to pay for. How I wish I had their magic pen and the bottomless pot of wealth they posses. As a farmer and a teacher, I seem to be continually robbing from Peter to pay Paul, while Peter sits on the sidelines patiently waiting to be paid back. My neighbors and myself struggle to make ends meet in this ever changing economy. One fraught with uncertainty. A magic pen and a bottomless pot of gold is clearly what we need. Are you sure it isn't available? Certainly some feel that it is.

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