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A Farmer's Prayer

Posted on March 21, 2009 at 12:48 PM


Grant me the SERENITY I whisper in the darkness of the predawn hour here in the sleepy little town of Sugarcreek. I force my eyes to open and will my body to get up and face yet another day of uncertainty. One foot in front of the other just as I have done before. The serenity I will need to lend an ear to an anxious co-worker who stressfully waits every Friday to hear if her husband is one of the many laid off by a local factory. The serenity to look into the fearful and worried eyes of the children I teach whose father takes his turn at picket duty to fight for what he believes in. A picket line that was once peaceful, and has now turned angry. The serenity to listen to the children who are frightened by the events that take place around them and they are too young to understand. God grant me the Serenity I whisper...

Grant me the COURAGE to change what ever situation I may have the ability to change. The courage to continue to write to elected officials and express to them how urgent our situation is even though they do not answer. The courage to ask that they consider the needs of not only the local people, but also of those in the rest of the United States. To somehow impress upon them the real needs we all have to survive. The courage I need to make sometimes painful but necessary decisions in order to help secure our own financial future. The courage to face my own children and explain to them that we will do the best we can in this trying situation. God grant me the courage...

Grant me the WISDOM to understand the situations we face on a daily basis. The wisdom to realize that the Midwest provides a great deal of food for our nation, and with the continual loss of small family farms we will be forced to depend upon the large commercial farms to provide our food. Food grown on land that was once pure, but has been systematically sprayed with herbicides, and insecticides so that the produce looks perfect, tasteless but perfect. Food that has been treated with preservatives so it stays "fresh" as it is trucked across the country and sits on a grocers' shelf. The Wisdom to use the land we have to grow our own food. Food that is grown with no herbicides, pesticides, or preservatives. Food so fresh and free from chemicals that my children and I eat it straight from the vine knowing that all we are ingesting is what nature intended. God grant me the wisdom....



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